Independence enables innovation

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Model-based writing

The Auf geht’s! Lernbuch has a robust, model-based writing program far beyond anything in traditional textbooks. Normally, student writing at the novice level is very limited, and attempts to write beyond their level result either in incomprehensible German or, when students give up, computer-translated text. By providing thorough scaffolding through writing models, students can “bootstrap” their writing and produce meaningful written discourse that is level appropriate and develops their awareness of how German works in a successful manner.

Authentic materials

Our reading and listening texts are drawn from a corpus of hundreds of interviews with German speakers, oriented around topics appropriate for novice and intermediate learners. This unscripted, natural language provides students with excellent training in listening and reading comprehension, preparing students for actual encounters in the target language and also providing models for students’ own language production. Careful selection of interview questions and responses, along with varied pedagogical interventions make this authentic language accessible and ‘doable’ for beginning and intermediate learners.

Integrated multiple media

The Lernbuch used in both Auf geht’s! and Weiter geht’s! does not attempt to do everything as a traditional textbook does. Rather, they are designed to handle the tasks that are best done in print and leave to the online learning platform the learning functions that work best in software. So our Lernbuch combines the best elements of a textbook and a workbook into one medium.

Learner focused interactions

Our online learning platform utilizes many interaction types to activate multiple learning channels for students. The book activities also utilize dozens of different activities, focusing on creating meaningful, real communication between students in class as well as encouraging students to think and express themselves interculturally through reading and writing.