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“At Evia, we help students develop the courage to use a second language, not just teach words and phrases they are too self-conscious to use when it counts.”

Professor Lee Forester

Founder & coauthor | Evia Learning

What we believe

Education is not the delivery of a product

Learning is an experience, not a commodity. Students learn when they experience something, process it, and then change their behavior accordingly. When we teach, we are encouraging students to react to certain stimuli in a specific way. That is never neutral, and for that reason teaching understanding is inextricably connected to the teaching of information or ideas.

Language is more than words

It is useless to teach students what to say in a different language if we do not at the same time teach them when, why and how to express themselves it that same language. There is no language without culture, and there is no language teaching without culture teaching. The purpose of language is not just communication, it’s self expression. This is true whether it’s your first or tenth language.

Students must connect to the real world

Cartoons and stilted scripts don’t help students learn. We base our materials around authentic images, videos, and the voices of native speakers ranging from Pablo Neruda to Bolivian miners in Potosí. We empower people from these places to speak for themselves and to tell your students what they think is important about their culture. This gives students hundreds of hours of natural aural input in the process.

Our integrated German program

Auf geht's - Beginning German

Now in its 2nd edition, Ritmos for beginning Spanish is the first textbook of its kind, featuring the voices of dozens of Spanish speakers and bringing a sense of community into the classroom. Ritmos guides students on their first steps into the diverse and fascinating cultures of Spanish speakers worldwide, with special focus on Mexico and Spain.

Weiter geht's - Intermediate German

New in 2020, Rostros provides the curricular foundation for an intermediate Spanish course focused on language, culture, and recurring themes of the Spanish-speaking world. Rostros guides students through a geographical, personal, and historical journey of the Americas, the Caribbean, and Spain while moving them toward continued study or time abroad.

Two essential learning components

Online Interactive Program

Learners spend time outside class in our online learning platform. Hundreds of videos from Spanish speakers highlight the places they live and work, utilizing real, natural Spanish. Vocabulary practice, ongoing culture screens, rich photography, and grammar practice make the online interactive a compelling experience.


Flexible readings with questions, comprehension checks, and extensive in-class discussion prompts are the central focus and work perfectly in-person or online. Available in paper or digital format.

Made by teachers – for teachers

The first authentic Spanish textbook

Created by college professors who knew exactly what their old textbooks were missing: relevance, passion, and deep connections to the humans who speak Spanish. If you want to introduce your students to real people and real Spanish, you will love Ritmos and Rostros.

Easy to use materials in any format.

Whether you teach in person, online, or a hybrid, our flexible nature means you won’t fight to fit it into your unique situation. We let you focus on the things – and people – that matter most.

Designed with you in mind.

Save grading time with multiple options for viewing activity scores. Use conversation prompts in the cuaderno to keep engagement and personal interaction up, even in online conference settings. Benefit from sample exams and syllabi that guide you through your first term. Count on our support team to get back to you at lightning speed if you have any questions.

High quality – with no tradeoffs.

Informed by cutting-edge learning principles, designed with the user in mind, and featuring hundreds of custom video and audio interviews, you get nothing but the best. And the price is right, too – starting at less than $90 a semester.

Let’s move forward together.

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